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Archive April 2019

How to Resolve Canon Printer Error B200?

How to Resolve Canon Printer Error B200?

Canon is one of the leading printer companies in the world not just because of the features of the printers but because they are so easy to operate. And not just operate, even if your Canon Printer encounters an error it is very easy to troubleshoot those errors as well. This article will give you a better understanding of how to solve one of the most common Canon Printer errors, Error B200. If you want help with any other Canon Printer errors you can call the Canon printer technical support and consult a trained technician.

Error B200 indicates that the print head on your Canon Printer has encountered a technical malfunction. Given that the print head is the heart of your printing system you should address the error as soon as possible so that you can continue with your printing tasks.

Steps to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error B200

The exact steps needed to fix error B200 depends on the type of Canon Printer you use i.e. if it has two cartridges or more than four cartridges. Based on the number of cartridges you have in your printer use the steps below to fix error B200:

Troubleshoot Canon Printers with 4 or more cartridges
Often the most effective solution to fix error B200 is to restart your printer using the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the top cover on the Canon printer and take out the cartridges
Step 2: Lift the lever next to the cartridge cradles and remove the printhead
Step 3: Reinsert the printhead and lock the lever
Step 4: Carefully reinsert all the cartridges and close the cover
Step 5: Remove the power cable from your Canon Printer
Step 6: Allow the printer to cool down for about 5 minutes
Step 7: Reconnect the power cord and complete an extensive nozzle check of your Canon Printer.

Troubleshoot Canon Printers with 2 cartridges
Sometimes using the steps below and re-tuning your Canon Printer will allow you rectify error B200:

Step 1: Switch your printer off and then switch it on again
Step 2: Remove the cartridge and check for any damaged parts
Step 3: Replace any problematic cartridges with a new one
Step 4: Clean the printhead and let it dry for sometime
Step 5: When the printhead is dry reinsert it into your Canon Printer
Step 6: You can also try and reset your printhead and restart the printer
Step 7: Check the printer components for any obstructions
Step 8: Complete an extensive nozzle check of the printer

Apart from the given steps you can also try and reload your Canon printer drivers as the B200 error is sometimes caused because of a corrupted printer driver. If none of the steps mentioned in this article helps you resolve the problem then you should call the Canon printer support number and ask for additional technical assistance. Canon experts will be able to give you more advanced troubleshooting steps so that you can fix the problem.

How to Reset your Apple ID Password?

How to Reset your Apple ID Password?

The Apple ID and password is an important security feature to access all the features and services of Apple including iCloud, Apple Music or iTunes. This article will give you an overview of the methods you can use to reset your Apple ID password so that you can keep your account secure. If you want additional information you can call the Apple technical support number and consult a trained technician to clarify your doubts.

Steps to reset the password using the Apple ID account page

Step 1: Open applied.apple.com and click ‘Forgot Apple ID/Password’
Step 2: Enter the email address linked to your Apple account
Step 3: Choose how you want to reset your Apple ID password
Step 4: If you select the email method Apple will send you a mail on your registered email account with further instructions on how to reset the password.

Be sure to check the Spam folder if you cannot find the reset password email sent by Apple. Alternatively, you can use the security questions means that you need to verify your birthday and answer the required questions to create your new Apple password.

Steps to reset the password using two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication is the easiest way to reset your password. If you enable this method you can reset the password using your Apple device itself or the account page, using the passcode. If you are using the iOS device just go to the settings and select the ‘Password and Security’ options. Select ‘Change Password’ and enter your passcode in order to create a new Apple ID password. You can also use the steps below to change your password using the Apple ID account page:

Step 1: Open your browser and enter the given address: iforgot.apple.com
Step 2: Enter the phone number you gave to set up two-factor authentication
Step 3: Click ‘Continue’ so that you receive a notification on your device
Step 4: When the notification reaches your device press ‘Allow’
Step 5: Complete the required steps and enter your Apple passcode

Steps to reset the password using Account Recovery

If neither of the given methods works you can reset the password by putting a request for Account Recovery. This method is best suited in case you lose your Apple device.

Step 1: Go to the Apple webpage and select ‘Request Account Recovery’
Step 2: Provide a phone number where you can be reached easily
Step 3: Enter the security code sent by Apple to verify your phone number
Step 4: You will receive a notification from Apple when the account is ready
Step 5: Visit iforgot.apple.com and enter your Apple ID
Step 6: Type the number you entered in the second step
Step 7: Enter the Account Recovery code sent via text or call and click ‘Continue’. You will be taken to a new page where you can reset your Apple password.

If you have any difficulty with any of the methods mentioned in this article you can call the Apple customer service number and ask for additional technical assistance.