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3 Common MacBook Pro Wi-Fi Problems and Their Solutions

3 Common MacBook Pro Wi-Fi Problems and Their Solutions

The MacBook Pro is designed and built for speed and efficiency. But the performance of your MacBook is only as good as your internet speed. Even the most advanced features will not be useful if your Wi-Fi connection is not up to the mark. This article will take you through some of the most common issues MacBook pro users face while connecting to a Wi-Fi network. For more detailed troubleshooting steps you can contact the Apple customer support number which is available 24 hours a day.

Issue 1: Physical Router Interference

A Wi-Fi router works through electronic waves. Sometimes these electronic waves can be hindered by the walls of the room or other large obstacles like storage cabinets. Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Do not keep your router buried behind any furniture or in a closet
  • Make sure the router is always placed in an open and central location.
  • You should sit as close to the router as possible when using the Wi-Fi.

Issue 2: Alternate Signal Interference

All routers send out electronic waves so that devices can connect to the internet. These waves are sent out at a specific frequency. It may happen that other devices that also send out electronic waves can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. You can fix this issue by selecting the best channel for your router. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Look for your router’s IP address which is normally printed on the router itself. If not you can also check under system preferences.
  • Enter the IP address into your browser and press ‘Enter’. You will be able to see your router settings.
  • Select the best channel, preferably a channel 5 to 7 away from your original router frequency.
  • Finally, you can use the ‘Wireless diagnostics’ option on your MacBook to pro to monitor all the frequencies and find out which is the most suited for your connection.

Issue 3: Slow Wi-Fi connection

Whether you use your MacBook Pro for work in the office or just for day-to-day activities at home, you will always want a fast internet connection. It can be very annoying if you have to keep refreshing the page to get it to load properly. Here are some suggestions you can follow whenever you feel the Wi-Fi connection is slow:

  • Check your MacBook Pro to make sure there are not too many programs running in the background.
  • Run a quick scan using ‘Advanced Network Care’. This will give you an idea about the speed issues on the current network.
  • Avoid streaming videos from multiple sites or downloading many files at the same time, doing this will surely slow down your internet speed.

These are the most common issues MacBook Pro users face when using a Wi-Fi connection. There may be other more advanced issues you could encounter which may require detailed technical changes. If that is the case then you can always call the Apple tech support number and speak to a trained technician.

How to Access the Online Company File on MYOB Account Right?

How to Access the Online Company File on MYOB Account Right?

MYOB accounting software is a very dependable software that is ideal for business who are just starting up and for small businesses. It has the ability to manage and carry out any kind of accounting task. It gets serious competition from QuickBooks but it does not mean that it isn’t any better than QuickBooks. While setting up an MYOB account, you can also access the AccountRight subscription which is a powerful accounting software with business management capabilities.

Many users, even old MYOB users often find it difficult to access the online company file on MYOB AccountRight. Although the process sounds intimidating, it isn’t all that hard to execute. You just need to get your hands on the set of instructions that will allow you to accomplish this task. And for that sole reason, this blog has been constructed. So if you are willing to learn, you can refer to this blog. But if you are interested in talking to a licensed supervisor instead, you can contact MYOB customer care to consult an expert.

Before you proceed you need to make sure that you have an AccountRight subscription, an activated company file, you have to be the administrator of the company file and lastly, you need to have online administrator access. If you have everything checked then proceed with the steps:

  • To start things off, you need to open the AccountRight software and as soon as this launches, you will see the library browser appear on the screen.
  • Next, you need to log in to your account by clicking the ‘online’ button.
  • Now, select the company file which you want to upload from the list of online company records. On this screen, you will also see the last sync column which shows the last synchronized date and time of each record.
  • Now click on the company file and choose ‘view a read-only copy (offline)’.
  • Finally, to view the file, sign in to the online record.

If you have followed the steps accordingly, you would have successfully accessed the online company file on MYOB AccountRight. But if you are still unable to access it due to technical difficulties, you may call MYOB customer service number to access professional help from certified experts.

How to Fix Norton Security Error 8504, 104?

How to Fix Norton Security Error 8504, 104?

Norton error 8504, 104 appears when there is a problem in installing the software or an error in the upgrade of Norton to a newer version. It can also be because of conflict with a previously installed antivirus or a security software. It could happen to you without any warning and you will know when it happens as you will get a notification message on the screen. There have been lots of times when customer have issued this complaint and because of that reason, you have come across this blog. Here, you will a comprehensive explanation about the steps that you could take that will definitely resolve the problem for you and to know how to do it you need to stay in track with this blog. But if you want to get help from a more experienced source, you can contact Norton customer care to get remote assistance from professional and certified employees.

There are many solutions or methods you can adapt to fix error code 8504, 104 in Norton. And here you will find two very robust methods that have proven to be very helpful in resolving the aforementioned problem.

Method 1: removing any other antivirus or security application from your PC

Since a previously installed software or an application can cause unnecessary confliction and problems, you must remove it and install only one software of such kind.

  • You are required to uninstall the already installed security or antivirus software from your computer.
  • Now launch the appwiz.cpl by pressing windows key and R together.
  • When you see the new window with all the installed programs and software installed on your computer, browse through it and select the antivirus application.
  • Besides or below it you will see the ‘remove’ or ‘uninstall’ button. Click that button to remove it.
  • After the procedure is done, you need to restart the computer.

Method 2: use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool

If you don’t have this utility tool, download it from the official Norton site. If you already have it installed, then you may proceed with the steps:

  • Advance to the folder containing the downloaded file and double-click on it.
  • Now let it run on your system as admin, and in the process, you need to click ‘agree’ when you get to the license and agreement page.
  • Finally, click on ‘advanced option’ and choose the ‘remove only’ option. After this proceed to ‘remove’ and restart the computer.

These are the two methods that will help you out while handling the error. If you face any technical problem, you may call Norton helpline number to get assistance from a qualified personnel.

What to do When Mac Doesn’t Turn On?

What to do When Mac Doesn’t Turn On?

These days it has become a common trend among people to buy apple products. Be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook or MacBook Pro, almost every one person out of ten owns that. The company apple launches a varied and more advanced version of these products in the market now and then. If you are one of those, who owns an Apple MacBook, and is facing issue with your device like it hangs in between or doesn’t start on, then you have come to the right place. If you are dealing with this dilemma, you can try various alternatives and must not panic. The problem can be solved easily with some basic troubleshooting process, and if even after trying that you still face some technical glitches, feel free to contact the Apple Mac customer service to resolve your issue.

Try these basic steps when your Mac doesn’t turn on, and you will be able to access it again

1. The problem may arise due to the insufficient battery as your device may have run out of it. The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to connect your Apple MacBook to the power cable and let it charge sufficiently.

2. Also, check the charger cable and see if all the wires and cables are intact, so that it doesn’t tamper with the process. Sometimes distortions in the charger cable can also lead to insufficient battery charge, which one almost fails to notice as these small nitty gritty can escape the mind.

3. Sometimes your device also does not start, as it might have been affected by some kind of virus or software, so it is always advisable to keep your MacBook upgraded with all sorts of anti-virus software.

4. If your Mac has a removable battery, then try removing the battery once, hold the power button for a minimum of 5-10 seconds, and after that re-insert the battery once again.

5. If your Mac doesn’t have a removable battery, then shut down your Mac and plug in the power cable. Hold the keys Shift and Control together for a minimum of 5 seconds and then release your hold and then press the power button for a normal startup.

6. If this also doesn’t work, then try a special mode called the power cycle. Unplug the power cable, press the power button. Then without removing your finger from the button, plug the power cable back in. Do not release the power button for around a few more seconds. After that, your Mac will start automatically.

After trying the above-mentioned steps, the MacBook will now start working back in a normal condition. And if it happens, then none of the proposed solutions serves as any help, then you should contact the Apple Mac customer support number once as it could also be might an advanced issue, which you must not ignore. The experts at the team would help you in the best possible way. The number is available 24*7.