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How to Send Attached File Email on BigPond?

How to Send Attached File Email on BigPond?

BigPond has completely revamped its email service and rebranded it as Telstra. One of the biggest improvements to the email service is the fact that BigPond has added 10 GM email storage. This means users can send more files through their BigPond email ID. The email attachment feature allows you to share pictures, short videos, presentations, and documents with all your BigPond contacts. This article will guide you through the simple steps you need to follow when attaching files to emails you want to send through BigPond. If you need further assistance, you can also contact the BigPond support number and speak to a certified email expert to know more.

Steps to Attach files to Emails on BigPond

You can follow the steps mentioned below to create a new email and attach a file so that you can share the data with your contacts through your BigPond email ID:

Step 1: Open your browser and go the official BigPond email login page
(Note: In case you are not an existing BigPond user but want to try the service you will need to sign up and make a new account on Telstra to get your login details)
Step 2: Enter your BigPond login credentials in the given fields and sign in
Step 3: Click the new email option and enter the sender’s email address
Step 4: You can locate the address from your BigPond contacts or manually type the email ID in the address bar
Step 5: If you want you can enter multiple email address in the CC field and forward the same email to different contacts
Step 6: Enter a subject line for your email and proceed to the next step
Step 7: Type the content for your email also with details of the attachment
Step 8: At the bottom of the email, look for the small paper clip icon
Step 9: Click on the icon and select the files you want to send
Step 10: Once the file is uploaded you can click ‘Send,’ and the email will go to the recipient.

When sending email attachments, you must make sure the size of the file you are sending does not exceed the file size allowed by BigPond. If the file is too big, you will not be able to send the mail or even if you do send it the recipient will not be able to download the file. If you encounter any error while attaching files to emails, you can always call the BigPond customer support number and ask for additional technical assistance. Email experts are available 24 hours a day and will be happy to answer all your queries regarding BigPond email errors.