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What to do When Mac Doesn’t Turn On?

What to do When Mac Doesn’t Turn On?

What to do When Mac Doesn’t Turn On?

These days it has become a common trend among people to buy apple products. Be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook or MacBook Pro, almost every one person out of ten owns that. The company apple launches a varied and more advanced version of these products in the market now and then. If you are one of those, who owns an Apple MacBook, and is facing issue with your device like it hangs in between or doesn’t start on, then you have come to the right place. If you are dealing with this dilemma, you can try various alternatives and must not panic. The problem can be solved easily with some basic troubleshooting process, and if even after trying that you still face some technical glitches, feel free to contact the Apple Mac customer service to resolve your issue.

Try these basic steps when your Mac doesn’t turn on, and you will be able to access it again

1. The problem may arise due to the insufficient battery as your device may have run out of it. The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to connect your Apple MacBook to the power cable and let it charge sufficiently.

2. Also, check the charger cable and see if all the wires and cables are intact, so that it doesn’t tamper with the process. Sometimes distortions in the charger cable can also lead to insufficient battery charge, which one almost fails to notice as these small nitty gritty can escape the mind.

3. Sometimes your device also does not start, as it might have been affected by some kind of virus or software, so it is always advisable to keep your MacBook upgraded with all sorts of anti-virus software.

4. If your Mac has a removable battery, then try removing the battery once, hold the power button for a minimum of 5-10 seconds, and after that re-insert the battery once again.

5. If your Mac doesn’t have a removable battery, then shut down your Mac and plug in the power cable. Hold the keys Shift and Control together for a minimum of 5 seconds and then release your hold and then press the power button for a normal startup.

6. If this also doesn’t work, then try a special mode called the power cycle. Unplug the power cable, press the power button. Then without removing your finger from the button, plug the power cable back in. Do not release the power button for around a few more seconds. After that, your Mac will start automatically.

After trying the above-mentioned steps, the MacBook will now start working back in a normal condition. And if it happens, then none of the proposed solutions serves as any help, then you should contact the Apple Mac customer support number once as it could also be might an advanced issue, which you must not ignore. The experts at the team would help you in the best possible way. The number is available 24*7.